Talon SRXs + SRs

Does anyone know if its possible to run Talon SRXs and Talon SRs for the same mechanism? We have 5 Talon SRXs, and we probably won’t be able to purchase more. We’d like to use them with encoders, since we have found it easy to hook our encoders into them. But can we use, for instance an SRX each on either side of our 6 CIM drivetrain, with the encoders hooked into them (and wired for CAN), and then 2 Talon SRs on either side hooked up via PWM?



You can certainly do this. The only real issue is that you won’t be able to use the SRX’s follower function to drive the SRs. Your code is going to have to manage driving all 3 with the same command. You’ll probably have a slight mismatch in power between the SRX and SRs, but especially on a drive train it shouldn’t be enough to matter.

It’s a definite kludge, but you can probably make it work. If you’re using any sort of PID or other feedback control of your five SRXs, I recommend having something in your periodic loop that gets the voltages applied to one of the SRXs on the same and applies it to your SR, implementing “slave mode” in software.