Talon/Victor SRX CAN issues

Anyone else having issues getting their talon SRX or Victor SRX to work with this years libraries.

I’ve installed NI 2017, Installed the 2018 FRC update suite, Install the Phoenix Lifeboat Update the RIO web interface, Updated the Victor/Talon Firmware, updated the OPEN.vi in Begin.

On one setup, I can’t get the Talon SRX to even move.

On another setup, I get my Victor SRX to stutter. And I get an error in my driver station saying:

"ERROR -3 CTR: CAN frame not received/too-stale. Victor SPX 0 GetMotorOutputPercent
ERROR -8003 Phoenix Motor Controller 0 Get Percent Output CAN frame not received/too-stale. Phoenix Motor Controller 0 Get Percent Output "

What am I missing?

Nevermind…that was stupid. Used only a 500mA power supply to power the Victor and it was browning out essentially. Changed to a 5amp and all is good.

Check the self-test of the Talon and Victor SPX. The “Reset During Enable” and “Under Vbat” sticky faults are probably set. That would of revealed the supply or wiring issue.

But since you figured it out, you might as well clear the sticky faults. If it happens again you can recheck them.