TalonFX Firmware Version Looks Inconsistent in Driver Station

Hello Everyone,
We are having trouble with controlling our TalonFX motors. We thought it might be because of the firmware versions. When we check the versions from Driver Station, versions and info, the version of TalonFX is inconsistent. We checked all of the versions from Phoenix Tuner, all the motors’ versions are the same. Then, we tried to update their firmwares. Nevertheless, nothing changed. The versions are still inconsistent on Driver Station.

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

In any event, it’s likely your problem controlling the motors is something else, not the firmware version/s you are running. Even very old firmware tends to work pretty well, for basic operations.

Here is the photo of the versions:

Strange. I’d look in Phoenix Tuner very carefully, just to be sure you are not somehow missing one. If you want to post a screenshot from Phoenix Tuner, it might help. Be sure you are seeing everything that you have on the CAN bus there.

You may be seeing this issue, if you have both Falcons and Talons.

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