TalonFX/TalonSRX torque control without paying CTRE?

Hi all!
So my team is trying some control theory stuff with our arm and our equations give us a torque to demand from each motor.
Basically I want to know if anyone knows of a way (other than buying phoenix pro because screw anti-consumer practices!) to directly request torque from a Falcon 500. Additionally, one of our joints is a 775 controlled by a TalonSRX, so if anyone knows how to request torque on that please let me know!
I figured some teams must have needed this in the past, and torque control just released this year, so they might have some ideas. Maybe a formula that can be used in percent output?

I was going to suggest that you contact @Jacob_C or @ozrien . But perhaps you’re better off not doing that.

I do not believe CTRE to be “anti-consumer”. A number of posters here have pushed that viewpoint here, using hear-say or assumptions as evidence. CTRE has never refused to answer questions asked of them here.

I do not care for software as a service. I’m still using MSOffice 2016 for my job for that exact same reason, and I will never buy Office365 (unless someone else ponies up the money). In fact our team has not purchased the phoenix pro software because at this point we don’t have a pressing need for it. But I understand their need for a revenue stream.

All that aside (and this is the first and last word I’m posting about that):

Give them a yell. They might have some options or talk you through it. Like you said, there’s a way to model it using shaft velocity, voltage, and amperage.

This may help:

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