TalonFX won't invert in subsystem constructor

Am I going crazy here or am I doing something wrong?

When I invert the TalonFX in the constructor, it doesn’t seem to actually invert, even though it prints out that it is inverted. (shooter wheel spins backwards no matter if I set the inversion true/false/clockwise/counterclockwise)

When I set the inversion in setShooterSpeed method, it does actually invert.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong - has anyone experienced this before?


In the Phoenix Tuner, manually controlling it will respect the inverted setting

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repo is private

Fixed that - should be good now

Check that TalonFX on your Tuner, under the “Control” tab there’s a setting for inverted status that says something along the lines of “follows robot code”

Fixed it

Another subsystem was using the wrong CAN ID (the indexer subsystem accidentally used the kShooterA CAN ID for the motor), which created another instance of a Falcon which overrode the inversion setting since it was initialized after the shooter.


Lmao, I have been having the same issue so confused for three days. I am so happy I saw this. Thanks. I thought I was going crazy also, just a small mistake that I did not double check apparently.

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Duplicate can ID didn’t throw an error when it tired to create a motor controller? That might be a bug, it used to not let you do that.

I did not get an error, and I’m not sure why either, as I have run into that error in the past.

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