Talons can't be configured

For whatever reason, the talons on my team’s robot can’t be configured, as when I open the phoenix tuner and start the server, the talons won’t be found, and the configure screen, as well as the devices screen, are just blank.

Are they Talon SRXs?
If they are, I would double check the wiring as if the CAN network is not wired properly then they will not show up in the phoenix tuner. Also if it is not plugged into the rio then it will not show up either…

Yes, they are, but not one of the five working talons are showing up, and I had my team check the wiring already.

Do the lights on the talons turn on?

yes, that’s what I meant when I said working, but they switch from flashing orange to flashing red and back.

maybe @ozrien can help you I do not know what could cause this…


According to this status light reference, orange and red blinking indicates damaged hardware. Hopefully nothing was shorted

I think this indicator can also happen if it is not plugged into the rio? I am not positive but I am pretty sure.

Start here and work down.

Some critical points:

It wasn’t flashing orange and red back and forth, it started orange, then after a minute or two, is went to flashing purely red, this is saying a fault was detected, I can have my team look at it next week, as this is our practice bot, not our competition bot.

Yes, the status bar was green and healthy, but the indicators were flashing red, most likely just the wiring, thanks for your help

No, as if it wasn’t plugged into the rio, it wouldn’t be getting power, this just means that a fault was detected somewhere in the wiring or the talon, I can get my team to look at it next week, thanks for your help

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That does not sound like the orange/red hardware-fault blink pattern.
That sounds like orange, with intermittent red blips, indicating a CAN issue.

You likely have Talons with common IDs. They also likely are connected to each other but not the roboRIO.

Good. Next step is the CAN-wiring. Follow our documentation link above for how to troubleshoot and resolve your symptoms. Have your team read it ahead of time so they understand what to do.

Turns out that the wire connecting everything to the CAN bus was bent and frayed too much, thanks everyone!!

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