Talons & Victors - how to work with them?

Our team has been facing some technical issues with Talons & Victors, despite our attempts to troubleshoot them. As a result, we have opted to switch back to using CANSparkMAX. Furthermore, we’re currently encountering challenges when attempting to flash the firmware on the Talons & Victors.

I would be grateful if you could offer any guidance on how we can flash and operate these devices correctly.

If you describe what you’ve tried, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened, that could be a good start. The docs are pretty good about how to use those particular controllers.

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Hello! We have experience in using Talons. (I think what we use is called TalonSRX). To flash the firmware, we use the Phoenix Tuner client. I don’t think it’s the latest software, but it’s worked for us.

Could you go more in-depth about what exactly your problem is? I’d be able to help more.

I talked with my electrical member recently,

The electrical member faced difficulties updating the talons and victors. She was using Phoenix Tuner. Despite attempting to flash them on multiple computers, she was unable to assign a CANID to them, rendering them unusable. The member suspected that the issue was related to the motor controllers themselves, which led to frustration. Despite seeking assistance from multiple mentors the issue remained unresolved. Therefore, the team switched back to using CanSparkMAX motor controllers.

I see. Since you’ve already switched to using SparkMaxes, it’s probably good to not change that during the season. But if you do try to fix it during the off-season, I’d recommend trying to check the following:

  • Light codes on the motor controllers and PDH/PDP. The light codes are key in troubleshooting.
  • CAN wiring. There may be a little problem with your CAN bus (A loose connection, etc).
  • Phoenix Tuner version. As you may already know, updating to the latest firmware is good!

Also, you could try to swap out the non-working motor controllers for different ones of the same type to see which ones aren’t working.

Hope it works out for you!