TalonSRX (255.255) not allowing firmware update

So, we are building a new robot for a competition coming up. On the table and chalks, it was working fine. The electrical team added 2 new sparks not connected with the drivetrain but was connected to the arm. All this time it was tethered and for the first time, we took it out to test and used a radio connection. When we tried to enable it complained that two talons could not find a firmware and had to view in phoenix tuner. Upon going to the tuner non of them would show for the longest time. Eventually, they showed up and they looked as if they were being selected and unselected without me touching the computer. With the names going from (rearRight to TalonSRX ID 12). I then try to reflash the 4.22 update onto them and the task failed almost instantly and in the firmware section, it displayed “255.255 no firmware” On the talon themselves there is only one light flashing orange and green and in the tuner, there were duplicates of talons named completely different than the rest. I would try to reflash and it failed in half a second. Any idea on what is going on?

We have 6 controllers for the drivetrain | 4 talonSRX and 2 SparkMAX

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You have a CAN Bus wiring issue. I suspect the Talon LEDs are also blipping red intermittently.

Follow Approach 1 under https://phoenix-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ch08_BringUpCAN.html

We rewired the CAN Bus completely however that did not fix the issue. On the Power distribution board the “comm” and “Status” are flashing red when i was told it should be flashing orange. I suspect it is still a electrical issue however the sparks onboard flash white and then every few seconds it will flash orange quickly. This only happened after I installed firmware version 1.4.0 from Rev robotics. Could that be an issue or is it still the CAN? Thank you for your help

We’ve had customers report that adding Maxes to the CAN chain introduces CAN errors. The experiment would be to take the Sparks out of the CAN chain and reproduce the original symptom.

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We did add two more Sparks and that is when the issue occured

Update: we cut the CAN connection from the two added motors and now the original sparks aren’t doing anything weird. However the talons will not show up on the phoenix tuner either tethered or wireless. I don’t have time to test more options but just giving an update

That sounds like you cut off the Talons from the chain.

This sounds like you just rewired the entire bus, tested it, and found problems again.

I think your missing the broader goal documented in https://phoenix-documentation.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ch08_BringUpCAN.html, which is to reduce your bus to better narrow down on the issue.

So follow this exact procedure when appropriate/possible:

  1. Connect only one device to the RIO. I recommend the PDP. So wire RIO <=> PDP. Confirm it appears in Tuner.
  2. Bring in a second device. Put it between the PDP and RIO. I recommend a PCM or Talon SRX. Confirm it appears in Tuner with the correct ID. You may find Tuner will report multiple Talons on the same ID. So address this by changing them to be unique. This would also explain your symptoms.
  3. Repeat 2 for all CTRE hardware. Confirming the device appears in Tuner.
  4. Then repeat 3 for non-CTRE hardware. It is important to do this last because of my earlier comment.

When an erroneous condition occurs, apply the steps in reverse to build confidence that you’ve found the root-cause. There should be a reproducible and consistent point in this procedure where you see erroneous behavior.

Makes sense?

Makes sense! Thank you so much

We got it to work, they were two bad sparks in a row and a metal piece in the roboRIO that caused interference. Everything is working together now but the sparks will not enable even if the talons do. Doing some debugging now

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