TalonSRX configPeakOutputVelocity?

Hello! I am working to make an intake which runs at a constant velocity, but I am looking for documentation for the talon srx configPeakOutputVelocity and there is none to be had :frowning:
Are there any examples for this, and what would the units for velocitiy be in?

At this moment I don’t know of a way to set the max speed of the intake however you can run a PID to assure that the intake only runs at a set rpm. The units for rpm are reliant on the configuration of the talons VelocityMeasPeriod (Here) the default is every 100ms but the conversion ratio is the (RPM)*4096/600=units per 100ms

To control velocity on the Talon SRX you need some kind of feedback sensor and a PID loop. There is no way for the motor controller to know how fast your mechanism is moving without one. However, if these are intake wheels then you will likely be just fine by applying a constant “percent output” to the Talon using the standard set method.

If you do have a feedback sensor then I recommend that you consult the appropriate CTRE Phoenix documentation page on the subject.