TalonSRX Firmware & Roborio image

Is the 3.1 talonsrx firmware released with the update suite? If not, where can I get it? Also, is the new 2018 roborio image also released with the 2018 update suite?

The Talon SRX firmware is included with the Phoenix software.

The 2018 RoboRio image is included with the 2018 FRC Update Suite.


CTRE provides a separate tool for installing firmware on their site called the Phoenix framework. They also provide a migration guide due to the vast amount of backwards-incompatible changes this year.

would installing the update in evaluation mode affect anything? (i.e. not giving KoP serial number when prompted)

The serial number is not required for the updated firmware.

I have to ask, what is the KOP serial number you are referring to?
You aren’t referring to the encryption password are you? (Not really used for anything after kickoff day, if then)

I believe he may be talking about registering labview. No you should not need to register it first.

For anyone else considering labview and talons, there are docs available on ctre’s GIT as well as the labview forums, but just a word of caution in your planning…

If you want to use talons, be prepared to take a bit of extra time to set them up (even if they were working last year). Here is the process, and it takes a bit…

  1. Install the Phoenix Framework
    2)Update the Rio to the Phoenix Framework
    Use the USB cable to connect and the lifeboat app.
  2. Update the firmware on each Talon.
    You need to connect through Internet explorer and the Rio console.
    The CRF file is in C://Users/public/public documents/frc

The Phoenix framework ships with the Rio update and two versions of the Talon CAn firmware. We went with 3.1 and it seems to be working well.

Also, if you are using Labview2018, you need to update the firmware in the Rio for that too.

I know this is all over CD, but I thought it could be helpful if it saves anyone from what we went through this evening.

We thought we would be testing some code today and ended up spending the past two hours figuring all this out.

Good luck.
Mr. R^2

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