TalonSRX Position Control Mode without MagEncoder

So we are using a vex versaplanetary with 775s for our robots arm and it appears that the builtin mag encoder does not work. So, is it possible to use the armabot encoder attached to on of the 775 as the input device for a pid that utilizes the position talon control mode? We are aware of the breakout board but dont have access to any. So can we use a dio base encoder the same way as the mag encoder or will we have to use a regular pid without the talon’s extra features?

Any closed loop operation on the Talon (e.g. “magic motion” or integrated motion control or PID) requires the feedback sensor to be hooked up directly to the Talon’s data port. The Talon has no way to read the RoboRIO’s DIO ports for closed loop operation, so if that’s where your sensor is hooked up, you’ll need to do your closed loop control with software on the RoboRIO (e.g. using WPILib’s PIDController class).