TalonSRX with CTRE Encoder Not Accurate

We have two CTRE Mag Encoders on our shooter; they are wired to the TalonSRX data ports for the motor that controls their respective axles. One Talon continuously gives accurate data for Quadrature Velocity, and regardless of the encoder we plug into it does (confirming both encoders work). I’ve also switched the CAN IDs of each which further confirms both encoders work. I’ve also connected 3 different talons to these encoders and still get the same inaccurate data, and it seems highly unlikely that 4 talons data ports are broken. Is there some kind of code I need to have for the encoders to work (I remember last year we reused talons that had limit switchs configured and I had to add code to disable those for them to work), or are 4 talons really broken?

My code is here: https://github.com/Cooperdevi/FRC1584-2020

Can you describe what you mean by innacurate data?

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We have been having the same problem

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Are all of your TalonSRX’s running the same firmware version?

By that I meant when one was reading ~9000 as the velocity, the other would flicker between -600 and 600.

The problem was we used the encoder wire kits and put one on backwards