TalonSRXs keep disconnecting

Some of the time the robot works just fine with all the motor controllers working but then when I re-upload code or just come back to work the next day they just don’t are not connecting with this error message.

I check phoenix tuner when this happens and none of them pull up (sometimes one does though but just one). Also it might be worth noting that they do flash red which is a sign of no coms as FRC website says. Its possible that the controllers are just old 2 are from 2015 and 2 are from 2018. I am pretty new to this so the more easily understandable input the better

-Thanks for help!

Double-check your CAN wiring. I suspect you have a break (or otherwise poor connection) somewhere along the chain

Check whether you run into this also when code runs at startup, or only on redeploy. The Phoenix backend not shutting down correctly on redeploy can sometimes cause issues like this, but only on redeploy (ie code running on startup shouldn’t have this problem).

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