TalonSRXs not appearing thru CAN

We have a mix of TalonSRXs and SparkMaxes on our CAN line to the roborio, and none of them are showing up thru the servers I set up with Pheonix Tuner (old CTRE program) or Pheonix X. Also, we have some rev software and it can only detect the maxes if we connect to them directly with USB C. Not sure if mixing these is the problem, but the Talons have alternating fast blinking red lights, meaning “fault detected.” The usb-B port on the rio is shot so i am running the diagnostic server over our radio with the “ip” 5980, and it always says “roborio connected successfully.” However, no CAN devices ever show up.

Any ideas?

Note: we are using robotpy this year for our code, but i don’t think that matters in this context

Is your can network running in a full loop and are there any issues such as a faulty wire causing mass packet loss?

I would suggest following CTRE’s documentation step by step.

Under the power-up and check LEDs section they tell you what is wrong:

Edit to add:
There is an entire troubleshooting section relative to what you’re seeing.

If those steps don’t work, then let us know here what you tried specifically, and what happened and we’ll see if you can further isolate what is happening.

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Check all of your CAN wiring very carefully.

our problem comes with mixing both types of motor controllers. When i take the spark maxes of the line, the talons blink orange like they should, but i have run into another problem.

the talons still won’t show up on any pheonix software, and the roborio is not appearing on the driver station. however, it does show up as an imageable target on the roborio. i am now trying to reset and reformat our rio, but an error always pops up a few seconds after it begins. Has anyone seen this error?

the sparkmaxes and talons not mixing is still a problem, but i am more focused on resetting the rio right now.

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Try the troubleshooting steps here.

No it doesn’t. It’s dangerous to make assumptions and draw conclusions from incomplete data. I can assure you that theres no inherent problem in having both SparkMax’s and TalonSRX’s on the same CAN bus. Any issues you’re experiencing have a different cause.

Please make sure to follow the troubleshooting guides others have already suggested.

ETA: If your problem resolves by removing the SparkMax’s from the bus, then you almost certainly have faulty wiring in the middle somewhere.


our rio was completely shot, i replaced it and everything works perfectly. thanks for all the help!

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