Tank Drive

Hi, I’m not the best programmer and i need some help. If anyone could post an example or a link to an example of a working tank drive teleop program for FRC 2014. Thanks.

A working example comes with your FRC software development installation.

Here is a screenshot of our current tank drive system, I hope it helps!

On the left side of LabVIEW’s Getting Started window, you will see a “Support” tab. When you click it, one of the links is “Find FRC Examples…” which will open the NI Example Finder and show the FRC Robotics section.

On the “Tutorials” tab, you will want to read “Tutorial 7 - Integrating Examples into Robot Code”.

Here’s yet another Tank drive example:

Notice that the only things making it Tank drive instead of the default Arcade drive are the use of the “Tank Drive” function and a second joystick. That second joystick will have to be opened in Begin, just like the first one, and they will both have to be given appropriate RefNum names.

Thank you for all your help.