Tank driving with labview

I need help with tank drive the example that I have I will push the controller forward it will go and stop go and stop
Does anybody have an example of tank drive they can share?

This sounds like in your code you may be writing two different values to the drive output at the same time. Could you screenshot your code and upload it so we can do some troubleshooting?

You should be able to switch from the Arcade Drive to the Tank drive in the default project and work correctly:

Usually, when we see behavior as “start and stop” very fast is because the code is not running fast enough, OR there are multiple calls to the drive that are sending different information.

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but won’t that assign the X axis to the left side of the robot and the Y axis to the right side?

It depends on the Joystick but typically yes that would be the X and Y on joystick 1. So the user would need to choose the axis they wanted by adding a numeric constant to the index input on the index array. You can check which axis is which by using the joystick tab on the driver station.

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