Tank Treads

Hello, robotics community.

We have decided to use tank treads on our robot for the 2010 competition. However, we are having trouble finding a location to purchase them. Does anybody who has used tank treads in the past know about a website that would sell custom tank treads?

Thank you in advance,

Andrew Jensen :slight_smile:

You might try double-sided timing belt, which can be purchased from many places, including McMaster-Carr (www.mcmaster.com)

Thanks! we have checked out this site already and we remember from past years some teams got custom built treads to match the exact size they needed do you happen to know this site?

A lot of people used to use brecoflex belts.

Outback Manufacturing would probably also have some.

Outback is a machine shop. They order the belts for the drives they’ve made for teams that same places as everyone else.

Brecoflex belts are common in FRC and are expensive. Gates may also have something useful.

Check out this link:

It’s an old design by Craig Hickman, I’d suggest PM-ing him with any questions, I’m sure he’d be more than glad to help. (His user name is CraigHickman)


Heres some food for thought. Courtesy of my team 1293. This was our 2007 Robot Atlas.

I think tank treads would be pretty epic. Kudos to the teams who use them. :smiley:

The only problems with tanks would be getting over the humps if the treads aren’t set up right…

That looks great! Do you remember where you obtained the treads from?

Ya we think its a gamble but if it pays off it should help us a lot going over the humps hope it works >_< crosses fingers

How about a half track?

You would need to do some rather extensive thinking about the suspension. Our team is kicking this idea around and my hint is to go look at the mechanical structures of military tanks. Any other comments about tank treads and teams that are planning to use them are highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Half track?

Wheels on one end, tank tracks on the other.

We were considering that, but in the end we decided to go with a whole tread. I forget the reasoning, however. But even so, it would still not change the question of where to get some treads for a reasonable price :stuck_out_tongue:

As Andrew said we did consider it but then we decided not to because we think that the tracks will help us navigate the humps easier

As of now we were thinking about maybe adapting snowblower tracks to suit our needs

Me and Bill were discussing finding synchronous conveyor belts, but they were rather expensive, like $400 a piece.

You could try http://www.andymark.biz/am-0566.html or http://www.andymark.biz/am-0565.html for some belting material. AndyMark also sells 1" wide x 10’ long pieces, officially for use on a plaction wheel. Nothing says you can’t put some 1" wide pieces of different types side-by-side to get a tread. You’d still have to figure out how to connect the ends, though.

Thank you, EricH, that might work well! It’s cheap too! Just have to figure out how to rig it to work…