Tape Measure Winch

In other First competitions, some robots have used a tape measure winch, to lift or propel itself. Below are some videos that we have looked at. Does anyone have an idea on how to build something like this? Currently, we are considering two wheels feeding the tape out. It would also be helpful if you have pictures or CAD files.

Charles Doherty
Team 5822

Tape Measure Winch

I believe last year 842 used tape measures for their can burglars, so you may want to take a look at that.

Thanks KohKoh. Ill look into it.
-Charles Doherty

If you guys want to use a tape measure winch, you may want to keep in consideration the rule update (Update 2, page 2)](https://firstfrc.blob.core.windows.net/frc2016manuals/TeamUpdates/02.pdf) that shows examples of robots climbing and keeping their appendages within 15 in. of their frame perimeter.

can you post a close up of your winch

No problem. However, I realized a tape measure may not work as well due to its structural instability. I believe the way 842 does it is they use a high-grip wheel to reel out the tape measure. That being said, it would be easy to extend the tape measure, but lifting ~150 lbs to the desired height would be a challenge.

If your team has the resources (I don’t know because 5822 sounds like a rookie team), then I would strongly suggest to think of some other, more robust solution to the climb. Consider what teams did during 2013 Ultimate Ascent

Make sure to test the tensile strength of the tape measure with the hook solidly attached. FRC robots can easily weigh 120 lb+ so I’d just be weary of something snapping or breaking. For more strength you could maybe even add a second tape measure facing the opposite way so the tapes don’t “fall over” when they’re extending. I’ve never seen a tape measure used for climbing on this scale but I think it’d definitely be cool to see someone go for it :cool:

The tape measure system that us and 842 built last season is documented here.

The requirements are a little different for a climber though…

Except a rookie team was the first to do it. 3280 was a rookie team in 2010.
3280 did it in 2010 and made it look easy. Granted the method wouldn’t be allowed to work the exact same way as you will see in the video the robot flipped end over end which as of update 2 is clarified as illegal.

I still think there are 2 other options for deploying tape measure climbers that won’t flip a robot that will employ this simple and effective device. The first and most obvious for most teams to consider is mounting their tape measure climber near the COG of their robot thus potentially keeping the robot level as it ascends.

Actually, not the first.

Yep. Super important. We almost went down this route. This ruling killed most winch ideas since your bot cannot tip and pull itself up.