I know that FIRST does not want tape used to attach anything to the robot, but I cant find anything in the rules specifically saying that tape cannot be used as part of the robot (such as wrapped around wheels). Does anyone know what the rules are on this?

If found a solution to to much traction on the wheels today. I wrapped evenly spaced zip ties around one wheel on each side of the bot. It turns on a dime now

Thats a great idea! Please, someone in the know answer!

I think the rules say the only kind of tape that can be used is electrical tape, and thats only for actual electrical and wiring purposes. I would check though… try the FIRST Q&A - there have been questions about this.

From “The Robot” documentation:

<R14> Electrical tape is the only adhesive-backed tape that may be used on the robot. It may only be used as an electrical insulator.

do the zip ties stop the overall bounciness of the robot in turns

that is genius!!! i am going to imedetly report this to our team. i cant believe i didnt think of that :yikes: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

we are not using pneumatic wheels so there was never any, but it just wouldnt turn

I heard of a team (don’t know the # of hand) that put Armer-all or Son-of-a-gun on thier Skyway pnuematic wheels to reduce friction but I wouldn’t recommend it. These products are silicone based and could leave a residue on the carpet. Somehow I don’t think FIRST would like that.