Target not found when deploying robot code

Hello, We have been attempting to deploy code on a test robot set up today and we ran in to an issue: the name that eclipse is using to deploy the code differs from the name that we are able to connect to via putty. eclipse is trying to deploy to roboRIO-3950-FRC.local while it seems that we can only connect using roboRIO-3950.local. the question is: is eclipse’s set up wrong or is our robot set up wrong and how do we fix it? we have already followed all of the 2016 screen steps and the smart dash board is indicating that we are connected.

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You probably haven’t imaged the roborio with the 2016 image.

the firmware version on our roborio is roboRIO_3.0.0f0.cfg. is this the 2016 firmware or is it out of date?

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In addition to Joe’s question about the firmware version we tried to deploy over USB and received the message

C:\Users\RoboGym\wpilib\cpp\current\ant\build.xml:125: Assertion failed boolean test.
roboRIO Image does not match plugin, allowed image version: 19

Today I noticed the eclipse plugins had an update that we downloaded and installed. Does this mean that because the plugins are newer that they are not compatible with the firmware on RoboRio? If so where should we pull compatible versions from?

Rob Saccone
Software Mentor Team 3950

The roboRIO has firmware and an image (these are two separate entities). You have not imaged your roboRIO with this year’s tools to 2016v19:

Thanks for pointing out that they are two parts here. We probably did overlook the image.