Target Paint Colors

Does anyone have a link to get a document that tells the specs of all the colors used?

I really need this.



Go to and click on “Getting Started”. Download the file

Within that zip file you will find the file and you will find the info you want on page 4.

I was going to post the color information directly here and as I was typing I decided that wasn’t a good idea because of possible typos. So everyone please use the link above and save yourselves from one more problem.


ps. maybe this should be locked now that the answer has been given…

Or just go here:

and under “Section 3” click on “2005 FIRST Robotics Competition Game Team Field Elements Target Paint Colors”](

Please note that when you go to Home Depot, you will have to specify that the numbers are per-quart. They will also want to know what finish type you’d like, and this isn’t specified by the document; if you find out what the official finish type will be, please let the rest of us know. Since the document specifies “flat wall paint”, I ordered all of my paints with a flat finish.

PS - Mike, if you could edit your post to point to this address, that would probably be good since FIRST will be updating this document as neccessary and it’s a bit easier to get to than the other one.

When you tell them the brand of paint they will know what finish based on the number in the name ie: Behr Deep Base No. 1300