Targeting In PC Dashboard

When using the PC dashboard, I noticed one could actually make a box and “target” part of the viewer. In looking through the code for the PC dashboard, I couldn’t find an output for this. Does anyone know if selecting actually gives out an output and where could I find it? Specialized targeting could be useful for helping the targeting system. Thanks in advance for any help!

I think you must be commenting on the RIO or region of interest tools on the IMAQ display. They are for selecting an area on the image using points, lines, rectangles, and such, and using that information in the processing. They do not automatically know how to target anything in the image.

If you want to read the rectangle location out of the IMAQ display, you most likely need to read a property node. They are located in the Application Control palette, or you can right click on the display’s terminal and choose Create Property>> and choose any property you like. There are a bunch of them.

Greg McKaksle