Tariff costs on Omio CNC?

Has anyone recently purchased an Omio CNC directly from the manufacturer? If so, could you let me know the amount of the tariff that you team paid?

Thank you!

I dunno, “gardening tools” marked at $250 value should be under the limit on that :wink:


This is also what we received, and paid no tariffs as a result. YMMV.


Good to know! I’m not sure if it will work but it would be nice if our gardening tools are tariff-free. :slight_smile:

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We ordered ours last June. We were not charged tariffs. At least I didn’t see a line item for it. Maybe it was in the $520 DHL shipping bill. If so it wasn’t broken out.

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Thank you! The CD community is amazing. We’re just trying to see how much it’ll all cost.

Ours arrived in April. This was the total cost for everything!

That’s a good price! It’s up to $3099 now though there’s a $100 FRC discount which you can request. And my shipping quote is also higher. I’m expecting to buy two collets from them so all together, my shipping quote is $612.99.

I was pricing some 80/20 and polycarbonate today and was surprised by how much those prices had also risen. We don’t use much 80/20 and thankfully we do have some already.

Considering the backlog and inflation in shipping, $600ish is not surprising. Metal is also up. 80/20 gives a substantial education discount to FRC teams. The down side is you have to ask for it every time you buy something so it is easier if you order everything at one time.

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I agree! The fact that air shipping is experiencing delays also is telling. I think pretty much all the components in a typical FRC robot have had either shipping and/or component shortages or inflation impact their availability and pricing.

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