Taxi Problem on Reported Score from the Event?

On match 15 at the Finger Lakes Regional 1373 taxi but TBA says that it did not. I am seeing this on other matches and at other events as well.
Here is the link to the match: Qualification 15 - 2022 Finger Lakes Regional - YouTube


This looks like an upstream data issue. FIRST also has the wrong data NYRO FRC Event Web : Qualification Match 15

So it’s a FIRST mistake, not TBA then?

I mean - based on the video, it looks like 3173 was not awarded taxi points for the match. I don’t want to speculate as to why - could be an oversight or a referee deciding they didn’t actually get the points or something. But yes - it’s not just an issue with the data going from FIRST to TBA and some bit getting flipped. It looks like the reported score from the event is the score FIRST has, which is the score TBA has.

Do you have a different match with a better camera angle on the bot in question?

This is match 29 from South Florida, 108 taxied but did not get credit for it.
TBA: Quals 29 - South Florida Regional 2022 - The Blue Alliance
YT: Qualification 29 - 2022 South Florida Regional - YouTube

1585 did get taxi points and it looks (from what I can see) like they shouldn’t have. Looks like a mis-entry by the ref.

thats what I am thinking but it is happening a lot

It makes me wonder if the refs are being told that what they input is visible to everyone, so it isn’t good enough to hit two buttons when 2 robots taxi. That they have to be the right two buttons.

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