[TBA]: 1stRoboticsRocks

Some of you may not know but my Instagram page 1stroboticsrocks documents all the robots I see at the numerous competitions I go to (at least I try to). This has proven to be a useful tool to help document robots that have no submitted an image for their robot for some reason or another. It has been so successful at doing so that the Blue Alliance actually uses the images on their page. As many competitions that I go to there is obviously no way possible for me to go to every competition and thus I would like to make a proposition to the FIRST community to document robots at the FIRST competitions they go to this year and DM the images to me so I can place the images on the page. I just need the team number and event identified for each robot you send.

I can send you a few flickr accounts with about 15 years worth of robot photos in them. Ive been manually screenshotting (ShareX automatically uploads them to imgur which i can use in submitting to TBA) to upload, I really need to go suggest automatic flickr uploading tbh…

Your account is nice tho. Id make use of it if Mobile TBA didnt already have an upload function.