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**2010 FRC Events on The Blue Alliance

After a bit of a delay caused by some changes FIRST made to the layout of their site, The Blue Alliance has posted all of the 2010 FRC Regional events, along with the current list of teams attending each one. The team attendance lists on TBA will update daily, but FIRST is still the definitive source for attendees.

If anyone spots any errors that were made, be sure to let us know at contact@thebluealliance.net.


Looks great again this year.

Is TBA still doing it’s own data scraping of the FIRST site or utilizing the new FRCfeed data return system?

The FiM Districts are missing.

Unless Greg modified the code they are not using the FRCFeed data, the current live version doesn’t support returning the team list. The next version will however. (The code is written I am just working on getting error reporting handled better)

Not sure if this is related to the 2010 additions, but all of IRI just dissappeared.

You’re right! These weren’t listed on the “Regionals” page, they are on their own “Michigan Districts” page. I will add them. [EDIT] Added! [/EDIT]

We are doing our own scraping of FIRST’s “Attending Teams” pages. FRCfeed doesn’t offer that data right now. I am strongly considering using FRCfeed for match result information during the season. It remains to be seen how much the match result page formatting changes this year.

I think you viewed the site during the exact minute I was updating the database to add the G.R.I.T.S. Offseason. It appears to me that IRI is now back again. Can you confirm?

I checked when it was posted and it was down, it is back now.

Confirmed that IRI is back online.

FRCFeed will be offering that data by Friday for anyone who wants to integrate Team Lists or Team Information into their site.