[TBA]: 2016 Video Suggestions

TBA needs more 2016 videos. Anyone can add video suggestions for matches on TBA.

Click the “Add Video” button on a Match Page

Some events have day feeds that need to be cut down to individual matches like the Alamo regional

If someone would like, Ty Tremblay’s Video Splitterwould be perfect for the job to split up the Alamo videos but I’m on a Mac at the moment.

I have recordings of every NE event since week 2 (working on week 1). The issue is that I travel for work and haven’t been home in over 2 months. I don’t have an internet connection that is fast enough to download the 15-20 GB of video for each event, split it with my software, and upload it to YouTube.

If someone is willing, I’d be glad Skype with you to get you set up for downloading, splitting, and uploading the videos.

Thanks for the mention! FYI, I’ve released a second version here.

In addition to videos, teams can upload photos of robots directly to TBA for scouting.

How many teams use the TBA App for scouting ?