TBA 2019 Growth Data Recap

At the end of each season, we like to look back and see how people are using The Blue Alliance differently than the year before! Here’s what 2019 looked like.

  • :iphone:Mobile >> Desktop

    • Mobile is about keeping up with events while they happen
      • Peaked at 23k daily, 36k weekly, 57k monthly active users (different peak dates)
        • ~22 users / team competing each non-champs week
    • Desktop is about Gameday and watching events while they happen
      • ~28M minutes (~20,000 days) of FRC watched on GameDay
  • :rocket: 4.3M Sessions

    • 1.5M Mobile Web, 1M Desktop Web, 0.95M Android App, 0.85M iPhone App
    • vs ~3M Sessions last year
  • :grimacing: 1 unplanned site outage

  • :tada: 13.5% of teams claimed Mod Codes

  • :partying_face: 25 contributors to TBA GitHub open source code

A big thanks to everyone who helps make TBA happen!

If you’d like to get involved in helping build The Blue Alliance, you can read more on our GitHub at https://github.com/the-blue-alliance/the-blue-alliance/

Full details with lots of graph screenshots are in our slide deck posted to our #moardata Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.2329199380433677&type=3


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