[TBA]: 2791's badge

2791’s badge is broken. No other teams I’ve seen on these forums are broken, but 2791’s is… I tried making some on the website with a bunch of other teams and couldn’t repeat the problem with anyone but 2791. Any idea what happened?

It may be related to the downtime we had yesterday during some server upgrades. I see the badge in your sig, but if it still isn’t working for you within 24 hours, let me know!

how do you get a badge to show up in the signature? i made one one blue alliance but the address (i tried both) makes it come up with “invalid file” what should i do?

Sorry about the deleted post. I was working on making the Team Badge work on my posts:)

how do i get the badge showing match results on my signature?

it’s a new season. there has not been any results for 2011 yet.