[TBA]: "actual_time" providing suspicious results

I have been working on a project that uses the “actual_time” api v3 response, and a couple of matches are providing extremely strange results. The most common strange result is that, for a handful of matches, the “actual_time” is about 4 hours earlier than I am expecting. This can be seen for example, in matches 56-59 at Hub City, matches 61-64 at Rock City, and matches 56-62 at Dalton. There are also a few events where the “actual_time” values are extremely strange, namely (Kettering 1, San Diego, and Los Angeles). I have attached a spreadsheet which contains scheduled times and actual times for all matches, and I have marked the matches that have suspect actual times.

Is there a reasonable explanation for these discrepancies that I am missing?

confusing actual times.xlsx (761 KB)

confusing actual times.xlsx (761 KB)

It looks like some bug that gets confused about how to handle time zones when UTC midnight happens

I opened an issue on GitHub to track this:

Posted on GitHub, cross posting here, but it looks like it’s an issue on FIRST’s side.

For 2017TXLU: