[TBA]: Add Videos to TBA

Help TBA add all the youtube videos for 2015 (or any year).

For example Dallas is missing videos.

If you have video to Semi-final 5, add the link by clicking the “Add Videos” button.

One of the TBA admins will approve your video and eventually it will appear linked with the match.

And if you have more than one video you’d like to import, you can append this to this spreadsheet for bulk import.


All matches uploaded:
South Florida
[MAR Hatboro-Horsham
NE GraniteState](http://www.thebluealliance.com/event/2015nhnas)
Almost all matches:
Dallas Regional (more videos need linking from 118 Robonauts Playlist)
FiM Howell
FiM Southfield
FiM Standish

Partial matches uploaded:
Lake Superior
Northern Lights
PNW Oregon City
Inland Empire
NE Waterbury

No Videos :
Georgia Southern Classic (videos need to be split)

Anyone who has some spare time, please link up a more videos on TBA.

We’re only missing Qual 43 for Granite State.

Looks like the owner needs to remove the Audio, Q43 is hitting a copyright music issue.

Tons of FiM videos available to link up to the Michigan events.

If you want videos on TBA, please go link up your videos.

All of the matches from the Week 2 Mt. Olive MAR District Event are available on Team 1676’s YouTube Channel. We’ll also be recording the Waterloo Regional, the Bridgewater-Raritan MAR Distirct Event, and hopefully MAR Champs and World Champs.

I also noticed that for some reason, some of our 2014 Curie Division videos haven’t been put on TBA either. Feel free to link any of our videos to TBA, that’s why we upload them :).

Some of the playlists that need splitting have been there for quite some time.


**Almost All Matches: **
FiM - Kentwood
FiM - Waterford

**Partial Matches: **
Central Valley
NE - Reading
MAR - Mt. Olive
PNW - Glacier Peak

**No Videos: **
FiM - Kettering
GTR- Central
NE - Pioneer
PNW - West Valley

If someone wants to fill in the rest of these, the videos of all of the Qualification and Elimination Matches are on Team 1676’s YouTube Channel.

All matches are in the spreadsheet. They just haven’t made it to TBA yet, is my guess.

Ty & Ryan , keep up the great work guys!

Thanks! :smiley: We’re always glad to record and post match footage for others to watch. Team 1676 should be recording full-field match footage of the Waterloo Regional this weekend (I personally won’t be there, so fingers crossed :rolleyes:) and the Bridgewater-Raritan District Event next weekend (as well as MAR Champs, assuming we qualify).

The “official” MAR Mt. Olive videos are now online at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIIiligkELGPb1UUveBtNg12hMUh0o1I6 but haven’t been put into TBA spreadsheet for adding. Unfortunately we lost video from matches 60-64 due to a network hiccup.

The videos from the MAR week 3 Springside-Chestnut Hill District Event will be getting split up and uploaded tonight. Not sure when they will get added to TBA spreadsheet.

It is MAR’s intention to split and upload individual match videos for ALL of our events. As those that are doing this work are usually also volunteering at the event, it may be a few days after the event before this gets done. Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

Anyone recorded Montreal’s playoffs?

Can’t find them anywhere


Search your team’s number on the side to bring up your matches.

Also from the Montreal Regional Thread

Some of your elims matches might be in the 5% unfortunately. Fortunately for you I made sure to make them resume recording so we should have the finals matches full field albeit a shaky cameraman.

If I am right, Lake Superior should be coming out soon. It is in the final stages of editing.

TBA just added Successful Team-ups to the Insights page !

Pretty cool stuff. http://www.thebluealliance.com/insights