TBA and TOA Logos

Does anyone know why The Blue Alliance a buzzer light (or whatever it is)? Or why The Orange Alliance is a flashlight? I’m just curious.

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I can’t speak for TOA, but the TBA cage light logo is an old driver station light from before the stack lights were introduced.


This photo from Miss Daisy’s Flickr shows it off fairly well.



That looks suspiciously like a red light, not a blue light. How about this?



Thank you.

Not the one who created it, but I think TOA was just made with somebody’s mad MS Paint skills, drawing inspiration from TBA. The site was first called The Yellow Alliance because we started working on it the year before FIRST changed the FTC program color from yellow to orange, so I’m not sure if it was re-created at that time or just re-colored.

The specific color itself comes from the program color

Are we sure the TOA logo is a flashlight? It looks like a stack light to me.

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