Is there a way to get individual teams foul data at an event with the TBA API?

I’m going to assume no, since fouls are not assigned to an individual team within FMS (with the exception of qualification yellow and red cards). So if it isn’t in FMS I don’t think TBA has any way to record it.


TBA is a wonderful tool, it can’t do the impossible. Sure, you could use the same formula as OPR run on the number of fouls / tech fouls in a game specific score breakdown, but there’s no way to absolutely guarantee that what’s entered in FMS (and sent to TBA) for fouls is associated with one specific team.

Plus, refs are only human. :wink:

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Honestly that sounds awesome. I don’t know how useful the data would be because likely one team could have just one bad match and immediately be the top team with foul power ranking

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I have foul and tech foul calculated contributions (oprs) for every event here:


Can you please explain more about how that formula works? (Opr formula to find fouls)

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Take a look at this blog post. You can do the same math, but using fouls per alliance rather than points per alliance. You can also use @Caleb_Sykes’ sheet he linked above.

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