TBA app support for double elimination

With the new DE format, trying to follow events using the TBA app is quite difficult IMO. Having the entire bracket in the Semifinals tab makes it really confusing (Calling the upper bracket finals Semi 11-1 is pretty weird). In the website the bracket display is really helpful and I wish it could be copied over to the app. A simpler “patch” would probably be to name the matches based on the round they take place in (Upper SF-1, for instance). Also, displaying what stage an alliance is currently at in the “alliances” tab could be useful.
With Round Robin support yet to be implemented for Einstein this might be just wishful thinking on my end but are there any plans on making changes to support this format? It would make the app way more usable.


The website and app also don’t show the new awards (impact and sustainability)

Actually I saw the Impact award being shown on the site about 30mins ago - albeit the blue banner is still shown as “Chairman’s Award”. It’s shown in the team’s year view but not in the competition awards view nor the team summary (neither is the blue banner).

@Korny I’m totally with you on this, it’s really confusing to follow events like this

By all means, make the display easier to follow, especially on mobile. Just don’t change the interface for the playoffs, the way it works right now is just fine for programming against it and understanding whats going on :slight_smile:

Awards appears to me (Kettering 1 for example):

And on AdamBots’ page:

This is something that wasn’t working yesterday, but the Admins over at TBA got it fixed for all of us :slight_smile: It’s hard to handle when FIRST changes their API or the data behind it, and you don’t have anything you can really test against before week 1!

I think TBA website has a nice bracket at the bottom, maybe just swap over to that for elims vs the app?

A friendly reminder that TBA is open source and pull requests are welcome. Changes don’t get implemented until someone implements them. If you’re not technical enough to make the changes (no judgement, neither am I), I recommend opening an issue so folks can discuss it and someone can jump on it.


At least for FIN Mishawaka, it’s the first award listed. It’s also week one though and people are getting into the swing of things for the first time since last March so maybe they’re just a bit late uploading to TBA/First?

I emailed them a couple of days ago about it and they just replied a couple of hours ago to say it was fixed

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