[TBA Blog] Data, TBA, and You

Data, TBA, and You

By Tim Flynn

The Blue Alliance has lots of data, in fact, almost too much to try and find out what you want. Let’s talk about the formats you can get data from The Blue Alliance, and some starting points as to how to use it.

Check out the rest of the article here: https://blog.thebluealliance.com/2019/05/21/2019-data-dumps-and-api-information/


Great stuff! All my work, and the majority of the statistics stuff on here, is based on TBA data and uses the TBA API. It is truly an indispensable tool for the FRC community!

Until reading this I hadn’t heard about the data dumps. Using them should help speed up my execution times and reduce my thousands of API calls.


Adding the data dumps pretty drastically improved my code execution speed. Only thing I had to do was add a layer to pull in data if I was asking for something newer than the latest dump.

One neat thing you can do with the data dumps that you can’t with the online TBA data is compare the team name field across commits in the repo to (sort of) track sponsors.

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I want to take a crack at this too.

Since there’s some interest in this space, we could definitely use someone helping to build improved tooling around exporting the csv datasets (it’s a very manual process currently)

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