[TBA Blog] How We Ship Match Breakdowns

How We Ship Match Breakdowns

By Zach Orr

The last week of build season can be a stressful time for teams. There’s a lot of loose ends to finish up! We’re the same way here at The Blue Alliance. We make make it seem effortless, but the end of build season (or, as we see it, the week before competition season) is a pretty busy time for us as well. We’re busy training computer vision models for GameDay CV, supporting avatars for the new season, all while supporting existing features and adding new features.

One of these season-specific updates that have to happen every year is updating our Match breakdown and Event insights views. In recent years, FIRST provided us detailed breakdown information about how points were scored during a match. We visualize this data on our website and in our mobile apps, as well as surface this data via our API.

Check out the rest of the article here: https://blog.thebluealliance.com/2019/02/22/how-we-ship-match-breakdowns/


Huge thanks to the TBA team for their work on this. The TBA API generally and score breakdowns specifically are the backbone of basically all of my statistics work.

Very excited to see live scoring data make a return in 2019. I really loved making live win probabilities with it last year, and will likely do similar work this year.

Not mentioned in the post, but worth calling out (because it’s really cool) - in addition to the usual match breakdown data, we (@Eugene_Fang) were also able to build a visualization of the scoring locations

You can read more about the work we did on match breakdowns in our Feb 18th update

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