[TBA Blog] Schedule Strengths (3 of 3): Generating Balanced Schedules

Schedule Strengths (3 of 3): Generating Balanced Schedules

By Caleb Sykes


Hello all, this will be the last in my three-part series of articles on schedule strengths. Here are parts one and two in case you missed them.

Now that we have a schedule strength metric per team and a way to score the “balance” of an entire event’s schedule by taking the standard deviation of all team’s schedule strengths, it’s time to use this criteria to create really good schedules. That will be the focus of this article.

Check out the rest of the article here: https://blog.thebluealliance.com/2019/02/18/schedule-strengths-3-of-3-generating-balanced-schedules/


Now that this series is over…what’s next? More TBA Blog posts by Caleb please!


The support is appreciated!

I probably won’t have any more big series until the summer with competition season getting underway. Most of my effort will be going into maintaining and improving my event simulator and scouting database. You might see some articles analyzing the 2019 game though.

If you’re interested, I keep a very rough todo list here:

Clearly not all of these are blog-worthy material, but these are the things I’m broadly thinking about. If you have any suggestions I’d be happy to take them, I think I’ve backlogged myself a few years though, so don’t count on anything soon (just ask Ryan Swanson lol).

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