[TBA]: Boston Splitting

Videos from Boston are up at http://www.thebluealliance.net/cdvideo/2010_Boston_Raw/

They need to be split into matches and speakers and stuff. I won’t have time to start this until later this week. Does anyone have some extra time to get the splitting going early?

Wednesday night I’ll take some of them.

I’m working on the second video, the first is just 30 seconds of nothing.

Match 22-47 are uploading, I’m starting on the third video.

Why, yes, it is my spring break. How could you tell?

I’m moving to the next file, Is there any place to put the awards or opening/closing ceremonies?

If you can split them out, that’d be awesome. TBA hangs on to them, but we don’t currently have a system to show them.

I’ll convert and post the ones you have cut up so far.

The rest are queued up to transfer. The sound is off on the last file, I didn’t bother messing with it because there were no matches.

I’ve put up all the ones that have been cut up so far.

Is this complete? Can I still help now that I’m actually free?

All that were in the first post are done.