[TBA] Degraded Service: Stale Data

There is currently an issue where data on The Blue Alliance can sometimes appear to be stale – as if it has not been updated for a few hours. This affects our website, mobile apps, and API. We’re actively working on restoring full service, but wanted to share this information with our users given the competitions that are underway.

We’ve identified that the cause of the issue is related to Cloudflare’s edge cache (a caching service we use to reduce load on our servers by up to 90% and reduce overall site costs). We’ve attempted to reach out to Cloudflare support. If there is anyone in the FRC community who has a contact at Cloudflare, we’d appreciate getting their contact information so we can expedite our support request.

In the meantime we are bypassing Cloudflare’s edge cache to mitigate the stale data issue. This is only a temporary solution, and we’ll have to monitor our costs to see if this becomes prohibitively expensive.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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