TBA desktop app?

IF I were to make something using the TBA API, I was thinking maby a desktop app of some sort. Would anyone be willing to pitch in ideas/general comments?

Ill take any ideas, no matter how wild…

edit: this should probably be moved to the tba forum…oopsies.

All of these ideas just popped into my head after reading the post once-over. Didn’t really think any of them through, so feel free to bash them. :slight_smile:

If at all possible, base it off of something that can run on multiple OSes. I’m not a desktop application programmer, but I would hope that isn’t too much of a challenge for you. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure there are a lot of people that run their favorite flavor of Linux on a regular basis.

Definitely a photo-gallery section, where users can look through all the photos, or search for a certain team.

This is obvious, but make sure the UI is user-friendly. I can think of at least one team that would use this to show potential members/sponsors some of the matches/photos/media, maybe even interactive.

Maybe allow users to upload photos of their team? I guess you’d run into permissions issues, though, since I can see that easily getting out-of-hand.

But maybe you can allow certain users to upload photos and videos, that way, those who do a lot of uploading, can do so straight from the client. Delegate flags those who you trust.

Sig-generator from the app. Would be a nice miscellaneous feature.

Easy application updates. Automatic would be preferred.

That’s all for now.

wow thanks a ton.

Defiantly going to do auto-updater, I’ll look into the photo gallery stuff.

The sig gen is basically what the blue alliance has now, so I can just include that in it (unless you meant something completely different?)

Nope, I meant exactly what you just said. Include the one TBA has on the desktop app. Just a neat little treat, I guess.

Im starting off with a series of XML feeds that the app will read.

progress so far.

replace the team number or year in the url to get that info.

I think I have everything on a team you could need in there…if Im missing anything let me know.

Looks good so far. Team name, sponsors, number, regionals, match videos.

If you need any help, let me know.

Will do.

Finished team_info.php, gonna start on event_info.php now…

What else would I need…?

Oh, do you know php? Im trying to learn as I do this. Some things get me stuck for an hour or so…

I know a fair amount, since I maintain websites almost for a living. What do you need help with?

By the way, how will this work? The app will pull web pages into whatever scripting language you use? I’ve never done a desktop application, so I’m just wondering how it goes.

I believe ive got everything I need… Its all here.

If you can think of any other way to get info or any additional info I should add I’ll do it, can’t think of anything else.

How about a batch downloader for all matches of an event or all matches for a team.

WOW defiantly.

I woulda never thought of that!!!

Keep em coming!

That’s sort of what I was trying to ask on AIM, but I couldn’t word it quite as simple.

Did you ever figure out that foreach issue?

Yep. I think I have everything…

OH! Im missing a match_info.php…

I’ll start on that now.

Ok started on the app…

I’m horrible at doing graphics and such, so if anyone wants to help with that I’ll love them forever.

Loading screen (where it grabs update info, and xml stuff):
The loading phrase changes to other random sentences, most having to do with FIRST. If you have ideas for some, feel free to throw them in!

I guess you could call it a homepage…
Graphics I did what I can with, I took the “The Blue Alliance” thing from the match archive site. It’ll probably change later. The paragraph it gets from a XML feed, so I can change it! :smiley:

Comments? Ideas?

The “homepage” looks a little empty, any ideas for spicing it up?