[TBA] Episode 1 - FRC Electrical System


The Blue Alliance
Episode 1: FRC Electrical System

The Blue Alliance](http://www.thebluealliance.net) is a video tutorial series bringing you the how-to on topics relevant to competitive robotics teams. We survey products, techniques, and general knowledge in order to teach you what you need to know to be successful and learn new things. Whether it’s how to wire up an electrical system or integrate an Easy Button into your controls, we’ll show you how. Episodes are available for download, or view them right on our page thanks to YouTube. Click the image above to go watch!

In the first episode of The Blue Alliance we start off with a broad view of a key FIRST system. We give you an overview of the electrical system used to power and control FIRST robots. From the battery to the joysticks, each part of the system is explained. Watch to learn a bit more about Victors, Spikes, the RC, and more!

Let us know what you think of this episode, the good and the bad, and if there are any topics you want to see covered in the future. Stay tuned, because we’ve got a whole bunch more videos coming your way!

The site looks really nice. Im downloading the episode as I post this. Good work guys.

site looks nice… o wait i already saw it on Thursday:cool:

that was cool!!
very informitive!!
really helps me being a firt year FRC participant…
good job!!


I think as the series goes on it will be a good thing for new members to watch as it presents alot of good information. Maybe its just me but Tom reminds me of Kevin Rose and shows like Systm.

I actually could follow you guys, unlike when my team tries to teach me things. Oh, and I’ve added a link to your website, on my team’s Helpful Links page, since I showed this to a few team mates and they also agreed that it was actually helpful. You guys did a great job. :slight_smile:

Looks like Christmas came early. Great job guys, the show notes are nifty too, I learned a little bit from it too (did you know PWM cables are popular in RC Planes?) I think I’m gonna make Freshmen watch this, it’s a great introduction. Can’t wait for the next episode!

By the way, I agree with Tom, I <3 Globe Motors too.

I just watched the show. Overall, it’s definitely not bad for the first episode–if I can catch some 1618ers before Kickoff, I’ll point them in this general direction.

Just a few thoughts from watching:
-The graphics correcting what you say are very helpful, better than just posting an errata on the website. Obviously the ultimate goal is not to need them at all, but these make a good enough substitute.
-It sounded like Tom’s microphone was clipping during the show–no real way to fix it other than to check your levels while recording.
-The end of the show has a little bit of titles overload, between the email address and the website and the credits (each of which use their own style), but overall the graphics were readable and good-looking, even when playing the high-quality version at half-size. I’ll have to convert it and try it on my iPod for the ultimate test, but I don’t think most folks will be viewing the show that way.

Any guess as to the frequency of the show? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly?

Very, very nice job and congratulations on your first episode. While I think we can all nitpick (and most will), the show was very well produced and had a great momentum that kept things rolling. Overall I would have to say that it was pretty much perfect, especially for the pilot. I’ll forward this on to teammates and hope for more episodes soon.

I’m glad all of you are enjoying our little Christmas present. We have some really cool stuff planned for future shows, so keep checking back for updates.

If you have an idea for a show, email questions[AT]thebluealliance.net and we’ll see what we can do!

Great job guys, you seem to have really taken this seriously and put a large effort into it already. Can’t wait to see where you take this show!

WE are so proud of our alum

I don’t know if it’s my connection (my router has been known to screw with my head) or if it’s the server but I can’t seem to get to TBA. It isn’t timing out, but it isn’t loading either.


EDIT: It just loaded a few minutes ago. Wow, I’m jealous in a way. What a cool idea!

Eek, I noticed that as well.

Either way, heres the link to the YouTube group that will hold episodes. Remember, the episodes are also available to download (when Greg’s web host decides to work…:cool: ), so you wont have to watch the pixelated YouTube version. This will come in handy come screencast time.


Nice job on the first episode!
It kept things moving and maintained my interest.
It’s like The Science Channel for FIRST.
When’s the next episode debuting?

Well we announced the show on Thanksgiving, then released the first episode on Christmas. Judging from trends, it seems like New Year’s Eve might be a good day to check back :wink: .

Thank you guys for all your compliments and critiques. We’re working out the bugs still, but our pilot episodes ought to give you a good taste of what is to come. Don’t forget to check out the show notes, because they contain a lot more useful information that we aren’t able to pack into the episodes.

I’m not sure why the website died for a while, but it was probably just our host being a bit sketchy. The plan says it has unlimited bandwidth, so go crazy download the high quality episodes :cool: . Everything seems to be back up now. In the future, I will also link to the YouTube versions from the Chief Delphi posts so you guys can still watch even if the server goes down.

Also, be sure to tell all your friends on other teams, because we want to try to reach more people than just the Chief Delphi community. We’re trying to help teams get more comfortable with some advanced topics, and it can be difficult to reach new teams. Please help us out and share the site :slight_smile: .

I rather liked the episode. I will most likely use them as introductions to the rookies on the team. Whats the next subject, or will we just have to wait?

WOW. Thats quick. I cant wait to see it.

Awsome job you guys! Looks great