[TBA/FIRSTCast] Kickoff Coverage 2007!


Kickoff Coverage 2007!
Brought to you by The Blue Alliance and FIRSTCast

Join The Blue Alliance and FIRSTCast tomorrow for our LIVE! (to tape) coverage of the 2007 FIRST Kickoff! We’re heading up to Manchester, NH to see the announcement of the 2007 FIRST game, and we’re bringing a film crew along. Whether you’re on one of the teams that is able to go to the official kickoff event or not, you’re going to want to check this out.

Some of the highlights of the show are:

  • Find out what the Manchester Kickoff Event is actually like! We’ll give you the behind the scenes and show you what you don’t get to see on NASA’s broadcast.
  • Check out our hands-on with this year’s game elements and field. We’ll show you close up what this year’s robots will be playing with to help you better design your bots.
  • We will have an interview with a very special FIRST guest. Find out more about FIRST and the direction of engineering in America!

The best part is, the episode will be posted the night of kickoff! That’s right, we’re crazy enough to drive to New Hampshire, film a show, drive back, edit it, and post it, all in the same day! :ahh:

Spread the word to your friends and people on other teams who might not read Chief Delphi regularly. This episode might help them out! Then check back to this post around 8 or 9pm EST Saturday night to watch the episode!


*sets alram clock for 9pm to watch it.

Sounds great and impressive.

I’m really looking forward to checking this out Greg. I first heard about this a few months ago but I’m really glad you guys are following through with it.

FIRSTCast + The Blue Alliance = an awesome partnership

I can’t wait to watch all the crazy behind the scene stuff :slight_smile:

1 day production? that’s intense. i’ve done some stuff like that before, clubs in highschool and whatnot. not on the same scale by far. you’ve definitely got my respect. rock on.

I cant wait to watch this.

Who gets the big stick to keep every other crazed person in the room from between the camera and the field elements? :rolleyes:

This sounds almost to good to be true. I hope all my team members get their families to watch this production. So many families don’t have a clue to what the program is all about. I have some team members that have learned and grown so much through FIRST but I have yet to see their parents at any event. At the same time some of my kids have families that help out any way they can but can’t afford to attend kick-offs ect. THis production will let them get a taste of the program without being there. Good luck with the production.

man tomorrow is gonna be one long day:yikes: see you in 2 hours Greg!:slight_smile:

Its insane that you are doing it all in 1 day, but I bet its going to really good. Blue Alliance and FIRSTCast together is one amazing alliance.

need subs?

I’ll also be going up to the Kickoff at NH this year (as I have the past two years), and hopefully one of the things I plan to do this year is take dozens of pictures of the playing field and upload them to team228.org. (Which I have also done the past two years). And if needed, I can help out with TBA while there. :wink:

//me rushes to finish coding the custom PHP/MySQL photo gallery CMS for the 2007 revision of team228.org

Sounds interesting. Looks like I’ll watch it because the Blue Alliance and FIRST Cast are both very interesting

And so the editing begins!

We got great footage of the Rack and the other field elements, as well as interviews with Paul Gudonis and Connie Crawford, the Chief Engineer of the New York Transit Authority!

Stay tuned…

[edit] Editing is done! We’re encoding the video now, and it should be online within half an hour! [/edit]

Nice job! I think you captured a lot of the game elements that might not have been so easy to spot if you were at a remote kickoff, or watching via satellite.

Thank you guys, the hands on details with the field structure was really helpful. I actually showed that clip to everyone on our team, it helped us out a lot. Thanks again, and great work!