TBA Graphs Look Odd

This was brought to my attention by someone else, but I thought I might as well see what Chief has to say about it.

Y’all might have noticed that there is a graph on TBA next to the matches in the Championships. Now most of them are accurate, and then others look like this:

Just seeing if anyone else noticed this, and if anyone perhaps knows why it is happening.

This is from the timeseries data from GameDay CV. If you look at the API the data is from:

WARNING: This is not official data, and is subject to a significant possibility of error, or missing data. Do not rely on this data for any purpose. In fact, pretend we made it up.

In the immortal words of Phil… “OCR is hard”

Experimental feature

Yup, the data comes from doing OCR on the webcast. There are a ton of variables that can affect the reading being wrong.


Gotcha, thank y’all for clearing this up.