[TBA]: GTR Videos

I’m uploading the videos from GTR as quick as I can, the flash video for the elims is up. I missed recording some of the later friday morning matches (my bad). I also didn’t manage to get a recording of the announcement of 3 million in funding for FIRST Robotics Canada from the Government of Ontario, which I really want now.

If you want to see Karthik perform one of his best introductions ever, check out finals match 1, I kept his introduction in there because it was just that good.

Wow, that was perhaps most of the most brilliant pre-finals speeches I’ve ever heard. I’m so glad you kept that in there.

Also, Thanks for the videos! I was having problems with the stream from Discovery so I missed most of the Elimination Matches on Saturday.

Best. Intro. Ever.



Here’s a link directly to F1.1 and the introduction mentioned above.