[TBA]: Incorrect qual points

Seems like TBA is incorrectly calculating the district qual points for each event. I’m not sure if its been noticed or if a fix is in the works or what TBA is even coded in, but I was messing around in php and got it running. If you’d like to steal the code and port it over to whatever you guys use, works for me.

function qual_points($n, $r){
		return ceil((inverf(($n-(2*$r)+2)/($a*$n))*(10/(inverf(1/$a))))+12);
	function sign($number) {
		return ( $number > 0 ) ? 1 : ( ( $number < 0 ) ? -1 : 0 );
	function inverf($x) {
		return sign($x)*sqrt(sqrt(pow(((2/(pi()*$a))+((log(1-pow($x, 2)))/2)), 2) - ((log(1-pow($x, 2)))/$a) )-((2/(pi()*$a))+(log(1-pow($x, 2)))/2));

*credit to my bro paul for some help

called with qual_points(n,r) where n=the number of teams at the event and r=rank

the formula I’m using for inverf(x) comes from an approximation found on wikipedia

These incorrect calculations currently up are messing with a project I’m currently working on with the API, so I don’t know if there is anything else I can do to help sort it out but please let me know.

Thanks for the reminder on this. TBA is written in python, and has an open issue for it. We’ll get it corrected soon

Thanks. Our inverse error function indeed gets points off by 1 sometimes.

it is off by as much as 3 points in many places.

Converted over to python by a friend

def sign(x):
    if x > 0:
        return 1
    elif x < 0:
        return -1
        return 0

def inverf(x):
    a = 0.147
    formula = math.sqrt((math.sqrt((((2 / (math.pi * a)) + ((math.log(1 - x**2)) / 2))**2) - ((math.log(1 - x**2)) / a))) - ((2 / (math.pi * a)) + (math.log(1 - x**2)) / 2))
    return formula*sign(x)

def qual_points(n, r):
    a = 1.07
    formula = math.ceil((inverf((n-(2*r)+2)/(a*n))*(10/(inverf(1/a))))+12)
    return formula