[TBA] Join The Blue Alliance! & Ep3 - Video Podcasting


The Blue Alliance
Join The Blue Alliance! & Episode 3: Video Podcasting

New Year’s Eve serves you up a double dose of The Blue Alliance](http://www.thebluealliance.net)!

The Blue Alliance is nothing more than a band people dedicated to the idea of helping other people learn how to do cool things with robots. We want you to help us with our goal! Tell your friends, make your own content, and read about all the ways you can join The Blue Alliance. We hope you graciously accept!

Then, in episode three, we show you how we make The Blue Alliance, and give you some tips about how you can go about creating your own video podcast. If you’ve been wondering about the technical side of our show’s production, this episode will answer your questions. Check out what our set looks like, how we record audio and video, and what programs we use to edit and publish our show. We invite you ‘behind the camera’ to see how it all happens.

For this episode’s show notes package, we have put together a collection of websites with helpful information, as well as some tips and tricks you can use for your own creations. We even include a few ‘behind the scenes’ photos that give you another view on our set. If you’ve ever wanted to make your own video content or TV show, definitely read these show notes.

And keep your eyes open for the super-action-packed “LIVE” coverage of the 2007 Kickoff brought to you by The Blue Alliance and FIRSTCast. We’ll be at Kickoff in Manchester, NH, with our camera crew, showing you what it’s actually like at the main kickoff, bringing you a hands on experience with this year’s game elements and field, and speaking with a special guest! Stay tuned for our release the night of Kickoff!

Greg, the youtube video now reads “No Longer Available” when played.

I keep getting a “This video is no longer available” error for episode 3. Are you sure the video link is correct on the site?


I jumped the gun on posting this. YouTube is still crunching away at the video to encode it to FLV. Sorry guys, give it about twenty minutes.

[edit] Ok, the YouTube version is up now. Sorry for the delay. [/edit]

I like the user bar, it’s pretty. I’m going to try and make room for it in my signature. :D. I’m also getting the video error. :confused:

The videos are only 70mb so you guys can download them quickly. That might be faster than waiting for YouTube. And for those who wanna see more info on video podcasting here is Kevin Rose’s video on how they do it. http://revision3.com/systm/podcasting

I liked how you left parts like “ok, now we’ll roll the intro” in the video. It did give it more of a behind-the-scenes look. Plus, the shownotes are cool too.

At first I didn’t realize it was on purpose and I jumped on aim and was like:

“GREG! There’s something wrong with episode 3”

Then I was like “o wait you did it on purpose”

:eek: Hah.

Nice job on episode 3. Greg is a truly dedicated host of the blue alliance and if I had a Wii I’d do the same thing Tom did.