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**Kickoff Coverage Wrap Up!
Everything is Online!

Well, we did it. We went to Manchester, and liveblogged the entire event. We ran into a few technical difficulties and learned some new things that will help us cover other events live, but in the end we consider what came out a great success!

Photos: Visit our Flickr photoset to see the photos that we took at the Kickoff. They include behind-the-scenes shots of the Kickoff setup at Manchester, NH, as well as close-up photos of the field and game elements!

Videos: Go to our Vimeo album to watch the different videos we produced at the Kickoff. First we talked to people about their predictions of the game (some were close!). Then, we interviewed Paul Gudonis, FIRST President, and Woodie Flowers about this year’s new game and their thoughts on the “hybrid” control element and Dean’s homework. Finally, we go hands-on with the game elements and field, even as FIRST deconstructed it around us! Watch the videos for the full coverage.

Text: Our Twitter feed gave text updates live during the entire Kickoff webcast. Check it out to see some of the exciting things that happened.

So what did everyone think of our coverage of the Kickoff? Any ways we can improve it next year? Any parts you find particularly useful? Let us know! We want to serve you, so tell us how we can be the most useful!