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We’ve been hard at work over the summer upgrading The Blue Alliance Match Archive System, and we’re pleased to announce that the beta for the 2008 season has been launched! The new version features interactive maps, updated team information, and much easier to read tables of match results! It’s not entirely finished yet, so don’t be surprised if there are a few bugs here and there, we just wanted to get it out there and kick the tires a bit.

If you have any suggestions for improvements or features you’d like to see on the system, e-mail us at [email protected] or post a comment here!

-The Blue Alliance

The new navigation and match tables are awesome. This will be a great resource in the upcoming season to find reliable information quick and easy. This is actually easier than browsing the FIRST site.

Besides the few missing pages, everything is great! What exactly is the Badge Generator? Is it like the one on Facebook, except it shows stats for your team?

Also, is there any chance that off-season events will be archived on TBA any time soon?

One thing I noticed looking at the Palmetto 2007 page: Is there any way to force eliminations alliances (at least in the bracket) to be listed captain/first pick/second pick? It might be complicated from 2007’s field software and its odd desire to move around teams’ alliance stations during eliminations (a change that I really don’t get the reason for), but it would be nice to know how the drafting broke down just by seeing the bracket.

I do like having the picture of the robot right beside the team on the roster. I’m not sure if there’s a simple way to crowdsource the picture that becomes The Picture of the Robot, but the idea is certainly a winner to me.

I like where this is headed.

The “team information” link is broken. You may want to fix that:cool:

I like it a lot, especially the regional map and team roster. The pictures beside each team are going to be very useful; our scouting database usually includes pictures, and last year we wasted a lot of valuable time getting pictures of each one. We’ll most definately be using TBA this season.

Edit: I have an idea for a feature, since TBA already provides such great scouting resources. Lots of teams have their own scouting database or system, and being able to share, modify, and combine the best features of the best of them would lead to much more effective scouting. Is there a way for TBA to host scouting databases created by teams? Maybe just have links to places where each team stores theirs online.

Precisely. As soon as I write some mod_rewrite scripts to disguise it as a png, you’ll be able to put your badge in your Chief Delphi signature and it will have your team colors, number, name, and a list of what events your team is attending and your record at these events. Attached is an example. The final version won’t have the N and M rendering problems you see.

If an off-season sends me their match results, I will gladly list them (IRI is added). Even further, I can include those too. :slight_smile:

No. I am pretty sure the data is gone. You can’t even predict it from the first match. Hopefully FIRST changes it for this year.

Crowdsourcing it will be difficult, but it was done for IRI, so I think it can be done. Hopefully it happens.

Forgot to attach the image of the badge. Attached.



Excellent webpage. I didn’t think there was any way you could improve it over last years, but I guess I was wrong. The regional team lists are amazing; now I have a simple and quick way to look up info on teams attending certain regionals.

Can’t wait to see the final design.

Another improvement:

I still have to optimize this a bit, but the “eventlist” page now features lots of information about each event in a sweet table. Teams registered, videos online, event location, and event website, if any.


Check it out and let me know what you think!

Where did the Galileo videos go? :frowning:

The badge generator has a small bug where it labels finalists as champions (see 233 on Einstein).

Good catch. I was not properly checking who won the “last” match of a set of eliminations. I have fixed it.

The badge generator page is going to be spruced up with some javascript color selectors and general aesthetic improvements. I also need to update the GD Library on the server to fix the “M” and “N” rendering problem. I am glad to see people are already finding it useful :slight_smile:

Now just to see how it holds up to kickoff… Several images per CD thread load @ lots of CD thread loads… I’m doing some caching, but we’ll see if it’s enough :slight_smile:

Bummer. Rookie teams TIMS pages don’t work.

I realized teams I had no information for were not displaying in TBA event listings. I added functionality to pull basic team info (number, location, tentative name), from the FIRST event page. Teams with only formal names and not informal names in the system show up as not-bold. I’ll update all the data with something more complete before the season.

Looks good, but I cant get the badge generator to work. and the “Team Index” page appears to have some issues.

I can’t get the badge generator to work, either. Clicking the link just gives me a “page not found” page, and while I do like the Kirby dance, I’d love to get to the badges. :slight_smile:

The link was wrong. I fixed it and added some placeholder instructions on the badge generator page, which will be vastly cleaned up before Kickoff.

i love this, if you need any help with the design or coding i’d love to get involved