[TBA]: Michigan State Championship Videos

Does anyone have this event recorded?

We need to get this up as soon as possible.

A member of our team has all of our (team 2337’s) qualification matches, as well as all the eliminations (I believe). Any preferred method of transfer? They’re 1080p.

Yay! I hope you guys can get this up, have been itching to see all of the elimination matches.

I am PMing you. :slight_smile:

We should have all of our (2834) qualifying matches and our elimination matches including the 4 final matches. However they are broken into different files and need to be edited (stitched up) to one file per match. They are very good videos because one of our mentor took the video from high up.

I am not sure how to transfer the files to TBA. Greg, please let me know.

When you get them up, I can pull the matches apart.

I am PMing you too! :slight_smile:

I could not figure out how to transfer the videos to TBA so I posted them on vimeo. Greg Marra will put them on TBA shortly. I have our semis and finals matches posted. If you can not wait, go to www.vimeo.com, search with “Bionic Barons” or “Team 2834”. These will go on our website eventually.

Thank you Ed! It turned out we did not have all the elimination matches (as you can see on tba), so those matches are quite necessary!

the 862 scouting team recorded almost all of the qualifications here, didnt get the elims due to tech. difficulties. I just finished FTPing them to TBA a couple of days ago and they are now starting to appear, enjoy

Sorry this has been slow. It’s finals week :ahh: