[TBA]: No Elim Ties on TBA?

I noticed that for my team’s performance at WPI, neither 3-3 tie was listed in elims, and the scores for QF2-4 and 2-5 were in the spots for QF2-1 and 2-2 (where the ties go). Is this a bug or feature? Can it be fixed?

I believe TBA just scrapes data from the FIRST results page, which doesn’t appear to show those matches either. http://www2.usfirst.org/2010comp/events/WOR/matchresults.html

Technically the 4th amd 5th match are replays, thus the ties are not officially recognized.

This is correct. We can’t get more information than FIRST publishes.

That’s right, it’s a feature of the system, based on the way the tournament rules are written:

(emphasis mine)

If you look at the match results for an event, you will see that QF1-1 is listed as being played after QF1-3, when the QF goes to more than 3 matches. However if QF-1 is a tie and then QF-2 and QF-3 are won by the same alliance, the tie result is shown.

Speaking as a scorekeeper, tied matches in the eliminations are treated as replays in FMS. We’re supposed to note the ties and forward the information to FIRST after the event so that they can later update the results page manually, at which point I assume TBA would be able to pick them up.